Hand Anatomy

The human hand is made up of the wrist, palm, and fingers and consists of 27 bones, 27 joints, 34 muscles, over 100 ligaments and tendons, and many blood vessels and nerves.

The hands enable us to perform many of our daily activities such as driving, writing and cooking. It is important to understand the normal anatomy of the hand to learn more about diseases and conditions that can affect our hands.


Injuries and Fractures

  • Wrist Fracture
  • Fractures of the Hand and Fingers
  • Wrist Sprain
  • Flexor Tendon Injuries
  • Mallet Finger
  • Finger and Thumb Sprain
  • Thumb Fracture
  • Scaphoid Fracture
  • Finger Dislocation in Children


  • Arthritis of the Hand and Wrist
  • Arthritis of the Thumb


  • Ganglion Cyst
  • Boutonniere Deformity
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • De Quervain's Tendinosis
  • Dupuytren's Contracture
  • Trigger Finger
  • Congenital Defects of the Hand and Wrist
  • Hand Pain
  • Hand Infections
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